Things you need to know about the German copyright law

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Some precautions, to avoid warnings and claims for damages.
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Even for many Germans the German copyright is a difficult topic.

Even for many Germans the German copyright is a difficult topic. The day-to-day consulting shows, that especially on the internet new traps and uncertainties lurk again and again. Warnings or even actions due to - often unintentional - copyright infringements are no rarities in this country.

How much more difficult does it has to be for refugees, who have no awareness for such problems and who cannot inform themselves about it readily due to the lack of language ability.

  • No usage of filesharing-programmes like Bittorrent, Gnutella, eMule etc. (More)
  • Downloading data from the internet only in the most important exceptional cases
  • Do not upload third-party contents to Youtube, Facebook, Blogs or other platforms. Only own contents are really safe - but even then you have to renounce background music protected by copyright (More)
  • Avoid sharing links as far as possible
  • If you want to stream, you should use great well-known portals like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Myvideo, Spotify etc.
  • Hold your own social-media-profile as private as possible or rather do not make it publicly accessible (More)
  • Safe your PC, laptop, smartphone or rather the connection to the internet against the grasp of third parties (choose passwords wisely, pay attention to the right encryption (WPA2), activate virus scanners) and do not hand your device to others. (More)