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Sample letters for refugees

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Foodstuffs, heating bills, debt collection claims: Here you can find our sample letters on selected topics.


You want to eat ‘halal’? Then you will find in this category sample letters for flavourings, emulsifiers or gelatin. All these ingredients can originate from animal products. You can fill in your name on the letter and send the request to the manufacturer, which produce the product you want to purchase. This way you can find out whether you can eat those foodstuffs, when you want to eat halal or renounce animal products.

Your heating bill is too high?

This sample letter can help you at your landlord to find out, why the costs are so high respectively file an objection against the bill. Here it is important that you are first supported by the energy consultation of the consumer association, to find out why the bill could be so high.

You received a debt collection letter and want to react in writing?

You can use the following sample letters and fill in your data (address, bill etc.) directly, to get in contact with the debt collection company.

But be careful: If you are unsure about the amount, the bill or something else, contact the consumer association, to help you and avoid more costs.

All sample letters of the consumer association can be found on the following sites: